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23 July 2030 @ 05:32 pm

Everything is listed from oldest to newest within each category, so the farther down the list you get, the better the fics are likely to get. Coming Soon's are added when I'm fairly certain of them ending up posted. Re-posts include the name of my ex-lj, but not all of my ex posts will be re-posted.

♫ ♪ Personal Favorites

☆☄ Recommended


Morning Breakfast: Every morning, without fail, Hyaku wakes Sungmin up at seven, and every morning, without fail, Kyuhyun wakes up as well. (Super Junior; Kyumin; G; Fluff)

Silent Compliance: Siwon and Sungmin spend a quiet afternoon on the beach. (Super Junior; Simin; Pg-13; Hurt/Comfort)

Two Coffee Mugs: They fight like mad men. They like scratch like an animal fighting for it's life. Their words pierce each others souls...in the end, their stuck together. (Super Junior; Kyusung; Pg-13; Angst)

An Unexpected Visitor: It's the middle of the night and Ryeowook got a visitor that doesn't many any sense. (Super Junior; Yewook, undercurrents of KRY; Pg-13; Angst, Character Death.)


☆☄ Hearts End: Sungmin had always been in love with Kyuhyun, so when Kyuhyun gives his heart away, it's just not something Sungmin can let go of lightly. (Super Junior; Minwook, Kyuwook, Onesided!Kyumin; R; Angst)

When I fall apart (I know you'll be there to catch me): Kyuhyun's the one hurting the most at the idea of KRY activities pushing SJ-M out of the water, just as SJ-M pushed KRY away, and his anger brews as the Japan concert draws nearer. (Super Junior; KRY, Ninja!Haemin, Platonic!Kyumi; Pg-13; Angst & Fluff)


100 Super Junior Fic's Challenge; Archive

The Shadow Kissed (Links to Masterlist): After a nightmare Kim Jongwoon forewent paying any special attention to, he's placed on a cold case fourteen years old where the only witness is a soon to be twenty-three year old man locked away in a mental "hospital" owned by the same people suspected for the murder/arson case of the Cho family. Boring re-investigation aside, Jongwoon finds himself thrust into living his nightmare - only this time, it isn't a dream. (Super Junior; KRY + More; R; Action + More) THIS STORY IS ABANDONED AND WILL NOT BE COMPLETED. UPON REQUEST, I AM WILLING TO WRITE UP AN ADDITIONAL "CHAPTER" EXPLAINING THE REST OF THE STORYLINE AND HOW IT WAS MEANT TO END, BUT IT WILL NOT BE COMPLETED. The contents of this masterlist has been unlocked for those who still want to read the story; however, as I have already stated, it will not be updated at any point in its original capacity. Thank you for your interest and time.

Comment!fic Meme (Links to Masterlist): Comment!fic meme, Prompt me here. (Super Junior, Harry Potter, Degrassi, etc..)


♫ ♪ The Changing Seasons: Four Seasons, Four separate happenstances that make Ryeowook love Kyuhyun more and more, and a confession that decides Ryeowook's favorite season of them all. (Super Junior; Kyuwook; Pg-13; Fluff, Bit's of angst)

♫ ♪ Manifested: Kyuhyun can't live with himself for letting his boyfriend, Jongwoon, die. So he goes back, convinced he can save him this time, despite the elements buffeting against him, sending him off balance. (Super Junior; Kyusung; Pg-15; Angst, Character Death)

☆☄ Acceptance: Hyukjae's pined for the acceptance of his father since he was 5 years old...and at 30, he still doesn't have it. (Super Junior; Minor Eunhae; Pg-15; Angst, Hurt/Comfort)

♫ ♪ Falling: Kyuhyun's falling, and Zhou Mi's the one to catch him. (Super Junior; Kyumi; Pg-13; Angst, Hurt/Comfort)

The Brightest Star: Yesung searches for the brightest star. (Super Junior; Kangsung; Pg-13; Angsty fluff)

♫ ♪ You Are My Comfort: Nightmares, daymares, they haunt him everywhere he goes. (Super Junior; Kyusung; Pg-13; Hurt/Comfort)

♫ ♪ These Scars Bear Who You Are: Kyuhyun hates his scars. (Super Junior; KRY; Pg-13; Hurt/Comfort)

☆☄ I'll Give You the World: Kibum is willing to give up the world for Donghae, to disgrace himself until he's thrown out of Korea if it means they can both be together, following their dreams. (Super Junior; Kihae; Pg-13; Angst)

Collapse: Kangin gets the green light to return to schedules, and Sungmin is the first to tell him. However, his schedule remains light compared to the others, and when Sungmin collapses from exhaustion, Kangin is there to help him. (Super Junior; Kangmin; Pg-13; Fluff, Minor angst)

Warm Blankets: Sungmin wishes he had someone to cuddle with, and though he wishes it would be Kangin, when Kangin get's home, he doesn't expect any comfort. (Super Junior; Kangmin; Pg-13; Hurt/Comfort)

☆☄ Lifeless:I hate you Jongwoon, I hate you so fucking much. You've turned us all into monsters...(Super Junior; Kyusung, Kyuwook, Undercurrents of KRY; Pg-13; Angst)

☆☄ Always: Sungmin never really understood how he and Donghae became what they were, but he knew somewhere along the way, he'd fallen in love, and in the end, he'd have to face the one thing he feared the most because of it. (Super Junior; Haemin; R; Angst, Fluff, Smut)

Kyusung drabbles (from http://prillilar.com/drabbles/) : Hilarious crack Kyusung drabbles madlip style.

♫ ♪ Those Three Little Words (that my heart just can't say): Kyuhyun always knew he was bad at relationships, always knew he never planned to fall in love until he was long past high school age - but even though he'd accepted the fact that he liked to check out men, he'd never thought he'd be content to spend the rest of his life with one. (Super Junior; Kyuwook; Pg-15; Drama)

♫ ♪ The Grieving Process: When Kyuhyun is finally pronounced recovered, Yesung allows himself to grieve, only alcohol isn't his strong point. (Super Junior; KRY, Kyusung focus; Pg-15; Angst, Hurt/Comfort)
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