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Voices on the Wind~

and Fingertips Across the Keyboard ♫ ♪

This is both the personal journal and the fanfic journal of insanityplays.

I am quite a bit more sane than my name may lead you to believe, so please feel free to talk to me for any reason what so ever. Though I do use this journal far less than I used to - almost not at all - I do hover around and keep it available and up for anyone who wants to continue reading my fics.

If for any reason you needed to contact me in anyway or you would like to find me on other sites:

Dreamwidth: xrosepetalsx (Old super junior fics not available here)
Fanfiction.net: xrosepetalsx
Archive Of Our Own: xrosepetalsx
Tumblr: theinsanityplays

I am involved in a lot of fandoms, whether I actively write for those fandoms or just read their fanfictions. I love a lot of pairings, and though there may be some I am not particularly a fan of, I'm not a big hater of anything.

My main fandoms are: Naruto, Super Junior, Legend of the Legendary Heroes, South Park, Thor, Avatar the Last Airbender, Power Rangers etc...
→Fanfic Recommendations
Currently I have two fanfic recommendation "sites" if you will:

The first is my second tumblr: Fanfic recs by xrosepetalsx
The second a community here on liverjournal: fictionrecs a community
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